IQ Story

I.Q. story initiated in 2005 with its CEO returning from a career on Wall Street in New York after serving at top tier global Investment banks.   The move led him to structure an idea of I.Q. Ventures predominantly paving way for technology in various fields and particularly Financial/Investments to make an early move towards Fintech revolution.  In the process he also spearheaded the asset management company for the Royal family of Saudi Arabia as its Golf Medal winning CEO for making it one of the fastest growing financial companies in the country.  The story divulged in the fields of technology mostly Artificial Intelligence and Fintech space along with a focus on Comprehensive Security Solutions.  The desire to being one of Big Data companies in the future is a work in progress.  The CEO then structured another large Investment Management company for the largest institution in Pakistan under Army Welfare Trust with growth of over 1876% in a span of only 4+ years.  The lack of system based or algorithm based decision analytics in the major sectors across South East Asia led to the development of these ideas under the platform of “I.Q solutions”.  The birth of I.Q. Solutions envisioned a multi-level application based intelligent solutions to make a digital impact and provide STP solutions systematically.  The revolutionary shift in certain industries can be then propagated by utilization of these intelligent solutions.  I.Q. Solutions initiated its work on its Security Software solution in 2016 and has now established a state of the art risk management solution to cater to the needs of multiple level organizations and institutions.

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